About Us

We Love Open Source

Tired of recurring licensing costs which are greater than the actual software developed ?

We build software using ‘Open Source’ where you pay for services, not for licenses.

Are you stuck with a software which you cannot modify ?

Open source means you have the code and can modify it as you please.

Are you stuck with a service provider who is unwilling to make modifications ?

With Open Source, you have the source code, so can switch the provider if provider is not aligned to changes.

Why Sanganak ?

We not only implement all our projects using open source, but also actively contribute to various open source projects.


Consciously facilitate upward spiral of growth, for individuals and businesses, through cost effective, customized and exclusive solutions using open source technologies.


Provide right environment to thrive by fostering passion, growth, creativity and productivity of individuals and organizations, enabling them to enjoy the process and delight their clients


  • Integrity
  • Commitment To Excellence
  • Consistency
  • Responsibility