Custom Web App Development

Have you thought that standard solution for CRM/ERP/HRM etc might be overkill for your team ?

Maybe you something that has custom MIS + lite CRM + something_else ?

We build custom web apps for established businesses for their particular needs. Unlike one-size-fits-all kind of approach taken by most competitors, customer gets what he/she needs and only pays for the needed functionality,

What is a custom web app ?

Custom web app is a web application designed for a specific need e.g. task management

Why would I need custom Web App  ?

If you have standard requirement like CRM, no you don’t need one.

Are you solving a specific problem in your workflow ?

Or solving it in a different way ?

You need a custom web app to solve it.

Why Web App and not a Mobile App ?

It is not an alternative to mobile app, but an alternative way to access same functionality.

Some applications which are better suited as Web Apps e.g Intranet applications can be accessed only from within the company

Many a times Web App serve as back-end for their mobile apps.

What are some of the examples where a custom Web App can help ?

Possibilities are limitless. To give you an idea, these are some of the custom web apps we have built for our clients

  1. Team communication and time tracking
  2. Task/project management
  3. Custom CRM
  4. Organization specific MIS/HRM
  5. Invoice Printing
  6. Custom Data Parsing & Report generation
  7.  Workflow Management
  8. Some web apps built as backend for mobile apps
    1. Task management
    2. Support call/ticket management
    3. Ticketing printing devices portal admin portal for consolidation and reporting

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