WordPress Website Development

WordPress for website / portal development

What do New York Post, Time Magazine and Fortune Magazine have in common ?

They all use WordPress !

WordPress for blogging

WordPress powers almost 30% of the web  !

It started as  blogging platform and does blogging extremely well.

It is probably the best platform to build SEO friendly blog with ease.

WordPress website development

WordPress can also be used to build a lot of different complex and custom solutions.

Some of the possibilities are

  1. E-Commerce systems
  2. Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  3. Membership sites
  4. Intranet systems
  5. Social networking sites
  6. Forums
  7. Online magazines
  8. WordPress as a back-end for mobile applications
  9. Custom Web App

As it contains most of the building blocks required for web application development, it is being viewed as a good choice for rapid development of sites and web apps for productions systems and proof of concept for new ideas.

With the evolution of REST API, it is now easy to build a front end (mobile app or Javascript Web App) which is powered by WordPress which does content management.

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