WordPress REST API

Want to build mobile app for existing WordPress site  ?

Want to leverage in-house WordPress expertise to make quick changes to data served to mobile app  ?

We build WordPress REST API powered back-end for E-Commerce & subscriptions site owners use their same sites to power their mobile apps .

What is WordPress REST API ?

In simple terms, this is a protocol which allows to talk to WordPress back-end via simple (http)requests via a client program like Web App or a Mobile App or simple web scripts.

Where would I use it ?

REST API allows for easy access to existing WordPress data on your site.

REST API is now built into WordPress core.

When would I use it vs custom Web App ?

You could use it when

  1. You already have WordPress  site and need to build a new mobile app for it
  2. Starting a new site which requires functionality which can be build quickly with wide range of choices in WordPress instead of building it from scratch e.g. E-Commerce, membership site, forums, social sites etc

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