D-I-Y WordPress Site Care

WordPress is one of the most popular choice for blogging.

Nearly 26% of the is WordPress (as of 2016).
Not only bloggers but more and more ECommerce and memberships site owners are starting with OR moving to WordPress.
As it is easy to get started using many of well written articles online, I want to cover other aspects which are usually not talked about, WordPress site care.

Minimal D-I-Y WordPress Site Care

At the least, as a site owner needs to do or get following thigs done, after the site is live

WordPress core and plugins are regularly updated in WordPress repository.

There are two types of changes,

  1. Mandatory: These require immediate upgrade as they might be somthing like a security loophole fix.
  2. Non-mandatory : Something like new feature release which can wait.

Take regular backups. This is very obvious, but is often missed out.
This can prove very useful in case if site being infected OR accidently deleted content etc.

Security scan
Popularity of WordPress makes it favourite not only of bloggers but also of hackers.
Protect your site using detailed hardening and at least one security plugin.
Site needs to be regularly scanned for malware and other vulnerabilities.

Just following these simple steps site care steps for WordPress, will enable you to ensure good health of your site.

You might say “What if I don’t have time ?”.

Outsource it, but don’t ignore it.

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