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About 16,000 WordPress sites were hacked in 2016, are you secure enough ?

If you are running old version of WordPress,read on.. (for reference articles search for “statistics wordpress site hack”)

If you can use Word, you can use WordPress.

That is probably one of the biggest reason why WordPress is approx 30% of the dynamic websites.

Add to it vibrant open source community and you have all the more reasons to publish your next site in WordPress.

With great power, comes great responsibility ~ Uncle Ben

WordPress strives really hard to maintain backward compatibility so there are quite a few sites running old/outdated version of WordPress.

Due to sheer volume, WordPress also attracts attention from hackers.

What ? Isn’t WordPress secure ?

Compared to what ?

In what context e.g. managed VPS hosting or cheap shared hosting ? On what stack ? Security patches applied ?

Let me answer a different question ‘Is X secure ?’ (where X can be any CMS running outdated software).

WordPress can be extended using themes and plugins, if they are not coded in secure manner, you would find out, this is a rhetorical question.

WordPress runs on top of open source stack so securing WordPress installation may not be enough.

Do I need WordPress Support ?

Assuming have a dedicated team or support person to do the following, then you don’t  need it.

  1. Update the core software
  2. Update plugins and themes
  3. Take regular backups
  4. Have someone to restore from those backups
  5. Uptime monitoring
  6. Malware scanning and removal
  7. Carry out required hardening measures
  8. Suggest ways to speed up the site
  9. Do small design changes

If not, please read on…

Hiring a person just for this activities might be an overkill for one site or system.

To get over the hurdle of hiring a dedicated support personnel, we offer various WordPress support packages at fraction of cost it would take to hire a dedicated WordPress support person.

WordPress Support Packages(billed annually, GST 18% applicable)

INR 9,500
per site/month
  • Priority Support
  • Plugin / Core Updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Backup (Daily)
  • Security monitoring
  • Support : Email & consulting call
  • 2hrs support time(rollover for 1yr)
  • Unlimited Malware Removal
  • Unlimited E-mail  Support
  • Performance Optimization
INR 3,500
per site/month
  • Basic Support
  • Plugin / Core Updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Backup (Monthly)
  • N.A
  • Support : Email only, no call
  • 30 mins support time(no rollover)
  •    N.A
  • Unlimited E-mail  Support
  • Performance Optimization


Frequently Asked Questions

What is priority support ?

You can expect turnaround in one working day on your issue vs 2 working day in basic support   

What is included in support time ?

It may involve small changes to sitelike color / image time OR Skype call if the plan permits   

If I opt for security monitoring plan, can you guarantee my site won't be hacked ?

No. We can’t. However, we will make sure that WordPress installation is hardened as per recommended procedures however hosting provider level patching updates etc are out of our control. We will make sure to take required precautions and be there to clean up and restore the site should there be any such instances 

What if I want more hours of your time ?

You can buy it at INR 3,500 per hour + GST 

What if I want one time security or performance audit or site cleanup instead of monthly plan ?

We provide one time hardening and security audit at fixed cost of INR 6,500 + GST 

What if I want one time move of hosting provider service instead of monthly plan ?

We provide move your WordPress installation to new hosting at fixed cost of INR 3,500 + GST 

Do you add and manage content(text/media) in your monthly plan ?

No, content management services are not included. We provide support for above mentioned activities. However if you need content management services, we can provide that. Please get in touch for custom rates. 

My site appears blank/weird after WordPress update. Can you do a one time restore from backup for me ?

Yes.We do one time restore from backup at a fixed cost of INR 5,000 + GST. 

My query is related to WordPress but not listed above. Can you provide custom one service for me ?


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