WordPress Web App

Need custom web app to for intranet  ?

Need clean & simple interface to add and manage content  ?

Need a mobile app to simplify support communication with clients  ?

All of the above (plus more) can be implemented using WordPress web app to leverage its simplicty.

Common subsystems in web development

Having worked for over two decades in building large scale systems, and since 1999 in web development, based on very popular methodology, at a very high level there are three layers

  1. Model (database layer)
  2. View (presentation layer)
  3. Controller (application logic layer)

WordPress strictly doesn’t fit into traditional MVC model hence some people might wonder about the choice of using WordPress as a framework to build web applications.

If we go bit deeper into concrete requirements, we need following subsystems for building a web app

  1. User management, authentication & authorisation
  2. Content management
  3. File/media management
  4. Easy configuration
  5. Dynamically modify functionality
  6. Database management
  7. Email notifications
  8. Session management
  9. Admin dashboard
  10. Reporting

Why use WordPress for Web App development ?

Simple answer, 1 to 9 is already provided by WordPress which has a dramatic effect on time to market.

For funded startups and anyone who wants to test the application idea,  it makes lot of sense to make a  proof of concept application in fraction of a time of web application built with another MVC framework.

In addition, WordPress cache management with various plugins.

Extending functionality

It is very easy to extend the functionality by using free/premium plugins which might have already solved similar problem in past. This can be done by installing the plugin without having to modify other code.

Need E-Commerce functionality ? Or perhaps start selling digital products or courses online ? How about adding forum like functionality OR social network like groups etc. ?

This is easily possible using respective plugins. It is as simple as installing and enabling the plugin.

What if you don’t have a plugin for the functionality you need ? It is simple enough to build a custom plugin.

Changing look and feel

Changing look and feel of WordPress apps is as simple as changing the theme of the application/site. This can be done in an instant

Removing functionality

Disable the respective plugin and the functionality is not available anymore.

Are we suggesting WordPress is the right choice of all kinds of web applications ?

No certainly not, as you would need to work in WordPress architecture for all your design decisions.

This might not be optimal for all kinds of applications, but it goes a long way for standard CMS like functionality.

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