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Due to popularity and easy accessibility of web, it is of paramount importance to have right presence on web .

In early days, there used to be clear cut demarcation between the kind of applications being developed, based on platform it was used.

Nowadays, the lines are blurry, so are the ways we access and consume content due to rapid rise of mobile devices.

In order to have seamless experience across different screen sizes, new sites are moving towards responsive web design.

Responsive design in layman’s terms, means site which will adapt itself, appropriately as per the screen size.

If it doesn’t, the user has simple choice, to move on to the next one.

If your site doesn’t load fast enough for mobile speed, the user moves on.

For someone looking to develop responsive and fast sites, it is difficult to differentiate who can provide that until the site is completely ready.

As we subscribe to Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement (Kaizen), and focus on constantly bettering our game,  we can now guarantee performance (as per YSlow.org rules) as a part of our deliverable

Our Guarantee 

  • Minimum Performance Score : 90+
  • Performance Grade : A

What if we don’t deliver performance ?

You get that much percent discount, if we are X% away from our promise, you get X% discount !

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